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IBMO has tested his products at the next well known institutions:

TNO Efectis : The Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
                    EN 13501-2: 2003

IMO            : International Marine Organisation Resolution A754(18) A0 - A15 - A30
                   and A60 Class devision.

Solas          : Resolution A754 (18) B0 - B15 and B30 Class-
                    devision Safety of Life at Sea Fire Test Procedures.

NPD            : Norwegian Petrolium Directorate a Government Institution for Hydrocarbon
                    Fires, regulations special for the Offshore and Petrochemical Industry, code
                    H0 - H60 and H120 Class-division.
                    Axial/lateral and blast/pressure tests.

                    Jet Fire Rated OTI 95634 J60 and J120

Warrington  : IBMO Material pre testing schedule only are inaccordance BS476:Part 20 
                    and the additional guidelines adopted in 1987 in conjunction with the
                    EC pr EN 1366-3:1993 Standard Test Duration 120 min.

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